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Alternate Image Source to Generate Normals

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Alternate Image Source to Generate Normals Empty Alternate Image Source to Generate Normals

Post by strawbry_jam Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:20 pm


I'm enjoying using this tool but one issue I come across is sometimes the way the normal maps are made, my art work doesn't like the tool and normals are way off. I have a good understanding on what the tool sees as depth and volume and can recreate the art to produce good normal maps for the previous images but it would be awesome to see the results through the tool. Basically what I'm suggesting is the option to use a separate image as the source for the normal map but also display the original diffuse image when viewing the lighting. I know you can use/edit the 4 images to edit the normal map but that is a lot of extra work for such a simple task. The easiest way I see to implement this would be an option to switch the diffuse image without regenerating the normal map. I would just have to start with the image I want to base the normals off of. This could also be useful for the other maps too.

Thank you!


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Alternate Image Source to Generate Normals Empty Re: Alternate Image Source to Generate Normals

Post by Dee Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:30 pm

Thank you for this suggestion.
I have already been experimenting with this option (if your input map is a normal map, there is currently no way to display it with a sprite in the render preview, which has to be changed).
Unfortunately it didn't make it into 0.4 because it is harder to implement than I thought.
I will keep working on it and 0.5 will hopefully bring a "Load external Texture" Button right below the "Pick Background Color" Button in the Sprite tab.
I am also working on other changes to the render preview, like doing the calculations only for what is visible, which will help a lot with the performance when using large sprites, since the displayed image will be downscaled to the preview window's size.

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