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Crash / error on Mac 10.13.2

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Crash / error on Mac 10.13.2 Empty Crash / error on Mac 10.13.2

Post by JSwan Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:17 pm

I get following error when starting and other menus too on macOS.
Could not create directory /private/var [lot of text and folders] /d/profiles.

I can't attach screenshot here for some reason, the buttons in top row don't react. I can send a screenshot to email for example though.


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Crash / error on Mac 10.13.2 Empty Re: Crash / error on Mac 10.13.2

Post by Dee Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:02 pm

Hey there and thanks for reporting this problem.

The cause of it is pretty simple: you tried to start the tool from a temporary folder where you don't have writing rights.
You probably started it from within the zip file.

When starting the application for the first time, it tries to create the default profiles and settings within a subfolder of the working folder it got started from.

SOLUTION: Please extract the tool to a folder on your computer where you have reading and writing rights and try to start it from there.

Let me know if this solved the problem.

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