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[0.5 Windows] Extremely slow dynamic lighting preview

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[0.5 Windows] Extremely slow dynamic lighting preview Empty [0.5 Windows] Extremely slow dynamic lighting preview

Post by eXpl0it3r Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:26 am

Heya! Smile

I'm sure this is nothing new to you, but I wanted to discuss it anyways.

When using a slightly larger image (e.g. 200x200), the dynamic lighting preview becomes extremely laggy and when using something even a bit larger you'll actually have to wait a few seconds when in mouse mode until the lighting appears.

I'm mainly interested in knowing whether this is expected behavior due to technical limitations or whether this is an actual issue. I mean games with multiple more or less dynamic lights can do this fine, so where is Sprite DLight hanging? Is it because it's CPU-bound?

As an additional point, you might want to consider providing a visual indicator of where the light is currently positioned. Currently one only sees some light, but the actual source isn't that apparent. And for slow performances it would at least give a hint as to where the new light has been rendered at.
In fact you could even think about replacing the mouse mode with the visual light source that can be manually dragged around.

And finally, I find "vertical" and "horizontal" for the circulation of the light source a bit hard to understand, since we operate in a 2D space, but the horizontal and vertical don't really align with that 2D space. Normally horizontal would mean it goes from left to right and vertical would mean it goes up and down, while Sprite DLight uses horizontal to rotate around the middle but on the yz-plane, while vertical seems to mean a rotation around the middle on the xy-plane.

The application is still usable without any changes, so don't sweat it if you wanted to push a release soon without having addressed any of this. Smile


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