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[REQUEST] Command line processing

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[REQUEST] Command line processing Empty [REQUEST] Command line processing

Post by redorav Tue May 24, 2016 4:28 pm


First of all thank you for this great tool, it really simplifies the producing of normal maps for our pixel art game. We've been doing normal maps for several assets now, but we've realized many of them were done wrong for various reasons.

Instead of converting them by hand I thought I'd write a Unity script that calls an external process and basically recreates them for me using some settings.

Unfortunately it seems using the program as a command line is not an option, which rules this out for me! I also can't use batch convert because all the spritesheets are in very different folders and I don't want to convert all pngs in the subfolders, just those spritesheets.

Reading another post it seems like this is not a priority, but if it helps, it would really, really ease our workflow to have it.

How possible would this be?

Thank you


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[REQUEST] Command line processing Empty Re: [REQUEST] Command line processing

Post by Linkoboy Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:24 am


I'm starting to use SPRITE DLight in my graphic production pipeline, and I love it. But I'm realizing in agreement with redorav that this feature of "command line processing" will be great. It will offer a gain of time and liberty for the user in the organization of his assets.

Do you plan to add this feature in next releases ?


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[REQUEST] Command line processing Empty Re: [REQUEST] Command line processing

Post by Dee Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:41 am

Hey guys,
Thanks for the suggestion and all the feedback.
A command line functionality is a feature that has been requested by several people now and I totally see the use of it.
I have looked into it, and even though it appears to be a very complex thing to implement, it should be possible.

It is probably not something for an upcoming update, but I have been considering doing a second Kickstarter to make some of the very costly features possible, like command line processing, maybe real shader support (that would speed up the map generation and allow for some unique shading effects, maybe even allow users to create their own shaders).
I have been thinking of that as an upgrade option. Could you guys imagine paying some extra bucks for a big upgrade like that and do you think it would be useful enough for others to make it viable to be funded through a Kickstarter?

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[REQUEST] Command line processing Empty Re: [REQUEST] Command line processing

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