[0.5 Windows] Really slow software for every image higher than 200x200

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[0.5 Windows] Really slow software for every image higher than 200x200

Post by Casimir on Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:29 am


If any image is higher than 200x200 the creation be very long and fastidious.
Btw the software is verry great but we cant see in realtime what we change because we need to wait 5 seconds for each change (5 sec minimum).
And the lighting preview is really not fluid.

For the same image it's take 500% more time to load and every change compared to mindtext 2.

It's this image.

I know it's a soft in bĂȘta but this software will be perfect if you make it speedier...
BTW your soft use "only" 20-30% of my CPU..
and Mindtext peak to 80-96% of the CPU...

Have a nice day =)


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Re: [0.5 Windows] Really slow software for every image higher than 200x200

Post by Dee on Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:43 pm

This is a known issue that has been discussed in another thread here , thank you though for bringing it up again.

Unfortunately, this problem still has not been solved.
There is a workaround, scaling huge images down before processing them and scaling the generated maps up accordingly. I have been looking into ways to incorporate this fix into the tool, but haven't achieved a satisfactory result for all different kinds of images yet. Usually, this workaround produces good results, however if your huge image constists of many small features (objects, characters, like in a big sprite sheet), the result can be less than pleasing.

The reason for Sprite DLight being so slow lies mainly in the fact that it is not capable of using hardware acceleration.
I have experimented with OpenGL solutions to get around those limitations, but so far I have only been able to make some things work in the Windows version. For Lazarus and Free Pascal, which the tool is being developed in, there are some solutions available online for Windows and Linux, however things always get even more difficult for Macs.

The dynamic lighting preview was initially not planned, it just came up as a goodie during the Kickstarter, but it seems like people find it very useful to see how changes in the generated maps affect the final result you would get in a game engine.

I would love to work on a GPU based solution for the preview window as well as speeding up map generation with the use of OpenGL and GLSL shaders, however as my experiments showed, this takes a lot of time.
Even if I would manage to make everything work fast under Windows, what would I tell Linux and Mac users why these improvements are only for Windows users?
Long story short, I am currently not looking further into GPU accelerated map generation and lighting preview, but I am rather spending my time fixing existing bugs, polishing the tool for the upcoming Steam Early Access release and there is also a big new feature in the making that quite some people have asked for.

Sorry for not having better news for you, thanks for your understanding and thanks for the positive words about the tool.
By the way, I love the drawing.

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